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 Our  Beginning

How This Whole Thing Got Started

We are a homeschooling family and like to incorporate community service in our schedule.  My daughter loves animals, so I looked around for some different types of animal related volunteer positions for us.  I found Save The Horses in October 2016.  After orientation, we walked into the barn with absolutely no experience or knowledge of horses or any farm animals.  With patience and guidance from all of the volunteers,  we started to get the hang of it.  Fast forward 10 months...we bought our very own farm!  My dream of living on a farm surrounded by animals was starting to become a reality.

We got started right away getting the barn and the property spiffied up.  Two months into work on the farm, a video of Rowdy and Spirit walking into the barn at Save The Horses with their very overgrown hooves popped up on Facebook.  That was it, that was where this started.  I knew they needed to come live here and be cared for by us.  So, it really started with those two sweet boys.  We still had space at our farm, so we started adding more buddies to our barnyard.  When a new buddy comes to live at our barnyard, it helps to open up space at rescues for more animals to be rescued and given a new, healthy life. 

We would love to continue to open our barnyard to rescue animals with special needs/circumstances as we grow and build in the future.  To be sure our animals live their best days, we can only take in as many animals as our resources will provide for.

If you would like more information about Save The Horses, check out their website   

Yesterday might have been sad and gloomy,

But today is going to be a great day,

And every tomorrow will become their new BEST DAY!

Our Mission

Best Day Farms provides a safe and caring home to special needs/circumstance farm animals.  Here, the rest of their days will be filled with peace and happiness.  Any animal that makes their way to our farm will know they are loved and valued.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To spread the message of the 3 C's...




through education and hands on experiences.


Every animal should be valued and live their days without neglect or abuse.



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